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Lesbian Genre DVDs

Lesbian Films on Video and DVD - Page 3

Our Lesbian DVDs and Videos pages include all available lesbian themed movies from the USA and the UK. Whether you're looking for a lesbian erotic film like 'Sirens', an adorable little romantic comedy such as 'Go Fish', a lesbian drama like 'High Art' or just a good laugh, you'll find a movie here to suit all tastes. Hopefully you'll find Rainbowsauce a useful resource in lesbian cinema. 

We've chosen to only include movies with significant lesbian characters or content on RainbowSauce, if you'd like to search for general release videos by genre: click here.

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Lesbian Film Review of G.I Jane
Lesbian Favorite Film - G.I Jane

G.I. Jane (1997)
Starring: Demi Moore, Viggo Mortensen Director: Ridley Scott

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It seemed like a pretty good career move, and for the most part it was. Demi Moore will never top any rational list of great actresses, but as her career stalled in the mid-1990s she had enough internal fire and external physicality to be just right for her title role in G.I. Jane. Her character's name isn't Jane--it's Jordan O'Neil--but the fact that she lacks a penis makes her an immediate standout in her elite training squad of Navy SEALs. She's been recruited as the first female SEAL trainee through a series of backroom political maneuvers, and must prove her military staying power against formidable odds--not the least of which is the abuse of a tyrannical master chief (Viggo Mortensen) who puts her through hell to improve her chances of success. Within the limitations of a glossy star vehicle, director Ridley Scott manages to incorporate the women-in-military issue with considerable impact, and Moore--along with her conspicuous breast enhancements and that memorable head-shaving scene--jumps into the role with everything she's got. Not a great movie by any means, but definitely a rousing crowd pleaser, and it's worth watching just to hear Demi shout the words "Suck my ----!!" (rhymes with "chick"). - Jeff Shannon (Amazon.com)

Lesbian Film Review of Gia
Lesbian Genre Films - Gia

Gia (1998)
Starring: Angelina Jolie, et al. Director: Michael Cristofer

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There's a reason why Cindy Crawford was dubbed "Baby Gia" when she first hit the modeling scene. Indeed, Crawford, now the world's best-known supermodel, greatly resembled model Gia Carangi, who went from high school to the cover of British Vogue in less than two years. Carangi appeared on many more covers of Vogue (French, British, Italian, and American) and Cosmopolitan before dying of complications from AIDs (she was an IV heroin user) in 1986. Now most people recognize Carangi's name from this powerful HBO film that stars Golden Globe-winner Angelina Jolie, who comes by her talent honestly. Jolie is the daughter of veteran actor Jon Voight, and her own training as a model serves her well--she has the moves. Throughout, she's heartbreaking--as no doubt the real Carangi was--effective, and stunning. 
With good source material (Stephen Fried's A Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia), Jolie's stunning performance, and strong directing by Michael Cristofer, the movie goes beyond the merely sensational. The script was cowritten by Cristofer and novelist Jay McInerney, whose Bright Lights, Big City covers similar territory. As a cautionary tale, Gia works. But to watch Jolie in her character's tragic self-destruction is utterly compelling. - N.F. Mendoza (Amazon.com)

Lesbian Film Review of Girlfriends [An anthology of short lesbian films]

Lesbian Film Review of Girlfriends [An anthology of short lesbian films]

Girlfriends [An anthology of short lesbian films] (1996)

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Four critically acclaimed shorts make up this entertaining anthology of dyke-friendly cinema that the NY Daily News calls "An unabashed celebration of lesbian life!" The collection features four talented, up-and-coming filmmakers. In Watching Her Sleep, a young woman's imagination runs wild after spotting a drop-dead gorgeous woman in a supermarket checkout line. Little Women in Transit takes a ride with a young girl in the backseat of the family station wagon, as she writes the Louisa May Alcott-inspired Girls Galore. In Playing the Part, a college girl tries to come out to her parents, but her angst-ridden efforts keep on ending in futility. And in Carmelita Tropicana, an East Village Latina performance artist winds up in jail with some other riot girls. Mayhem ensues!

Lesbian Film Review of Go Fish
Lesbian Genre Films - Go Fish

Go Fish (1994)
Starring: Guinevere Turner, V.S. Brodie - Director: Rose Troche

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Go Fish won acclaim in its initial release in 1994, probably because of its irreverence in gazing at the lives of a group of young lesbians in Chicago. The film was directed and co written by Rose Troche, who went on to make Bedrooms and Hallways with the help of Guinevere Turner, her then-partner and star of this film. (Turner later appeared in several films and collaborated with director Mary Harron to bring the nearly unadaptable Bret Easton Ellis novel American Psycho to the big screen.)

Lesbian Film Review of Heavenly Creatures

The provocative, imaginative true-life story of how the intense and passionate relationship of 1950s teenagers Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme led to the grisly murder of Pauline's mother. The film realistically and fantastically portrays the friendship of the teens with Lynskey and Winslet giving outstanding and believable performances as Pauline and Juliet, respectively. The parents of both teens worry about their daughters' "unnatural" relationship and things go terribly wrong when they are eventually separated. Only one solution remains for the two friends.
Director Jackson endows the film with such vision and substance (in addition to some amazing special effects) that the viewer is quickly drawn into its characters' lives. Some have found it a harrowing, cautionary tale of obsessive love gone awry, others as a homophobic tale of violence and madness caused by same-sex love. You decide. Either way, it's the most thrilling story of matricide since Psycho.

Lesbian Film Review of The Hunger

Lesbian Film Review of The Hunger

The Hunger (1983)

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Kinky trash masquerading as a horror film, with Deneuve as a vampire who needs fresh blood to survive. Bowie's quite good as Deneuve's companion--with an aging scene that's the film's highlight. As for the rest, beware, unless seeing Deneuve and Sarandon in bed together is your idea of a good time. - Which, lets face it, it IS! ;o)

Lesbian Film Review of If These Walls Could Talk 2
Lesbian Genre Films - If These Walls Could Talk 2

If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)
Director: Martha Coolidge, Jane Anderson (II)

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This sequel to the 1996 original is just as powerful, poignant and hard-hitting. Where the original Walls dealt with three women each struggling with unwanted pregnancy, the sequel takes a private look at the lives of three lesbian couples during three very different time periods in America: the 60s, 70s and the new millennium. The common link is the house of the title: they all occupy it at one time or another.
1961 features Marian Seldes and an astonishing Vanessa Redgrave as an older lesbian couple. When Seldes dies of a stroke, Redgrave is forced to grieve in silence, as her 50-year relationship with Seldes is regarded in the typical-for-the-times manner of "the love that dare not speak its name." As she is not "family" in the traditional sense, Redgrave is forced to endure the humiliation of Seldes' only family coming to claim the house and its contents for themselves. It's a portrait of silent suffering, loss of dignity and love that sears the conscience and left this reviewer nearly speechless. In addition to Redgraves' win, director Jane Anderson's script was nominated for an Emmy (Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or Movie).
1972 confronts peer pressure and sexual identity as Michelle Williams (betraying her "Dawson's Creek" role with a strong performance here) finds herself intrigued by - and eventually attracted to - the "butch" Chloe Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry), much to the chagrin of her hippie friends she now occupies the house with. While a little on the teen-drama side of things, the heat between Sevigny and Williams is palpable, and they do make a terrific couple. Writen by the Sichel Sisters (All Over Me)
In 2000, the house is now occupied by lovers Ellen DeGeneres (who also executive produced the film) and Sharon Stone. Deeply in love, the only thing missing from their idyllic life is a child of their own. Making her directorial debut, Anne Heche (DeGeneres' real-life ex-partner) conveys the couple's frustrations and hopes (with sperm donors, adoption agencies, etc.) in a manner sure to hit close to home for anyone who has faced the same trials. Problem is, DeGeneres' line delivery is so over the top (wait until the scene in the kitchen where she tearfully bemoans the fact that she's "angry" that she doesn't have sperm of her own with which to impregnate Stone) that it nearly undermines her credibility. That and the fact that Stone is now sporting Heche's cropped blonde shag - it's like The Stepford Lesbians. The whole film is also very "white", in all senses of the word.
Originally made for HBO, this trilogy of love, struggle and empowerment was one of the year's highest-rated and most talked about films, and is a must-see if only for Redgrave's devastating performance.

Lesbian DVD Review of Indigo Girls - Watershed

Indigo Girls: Watershed / 10 Years of Underground Video
Director: Susan Lambert

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Region 1 DVD - TLA Films USA All Regions DVD - Amazon USA

A beautiful live concert filmed at Red Rocks, Colorado interwoven with interviews and stop-action animation. Lots of film footage taken by friends and family, candid moments…a wonderful little video scrapbook. DVD Features: *Songs include: Closer To Fine, Hammer And Nail, Finlandia, Galileo, Chickenman, Joking, Touch Me Fall, Least Complicated, Power Of Two, Reunion *Behind-the-scenes material *Video Yearbook: 10 minute electronic press kit

Lesbian Film Review of The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

Lesbian Film Review of The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love (1995)

This thoroughly enjoyable lesbian first love story is a startling film debut by independent filmmaker Maggenti. Randy (Laurel Holloman) is a white high school tomboy living with her lesbian aunt. Evie (Nicole Parker) is a beautiful and pampered black deb from the right side of the tracks. They meet and love blossoms despite their differences. But trouble brews for the two as both of their families undertake to break the lovers apart. A long-awaited "wholesome lesbian comedy and romance" which ignores queer politics and prejudice and concentrates on the two young women's intense attraction for each other. Not as big city grunge as Go Fish nor as jaded as Bar Girls, Two Girls is a terrifically sweet low-budget romantic comedy that could be described as a "queer John Hughes comedy" -- when he was in his prime, of course.

Lesbian Film Review of I've Heard the Mermaids Singing

Lesbian Film Review of I've Heard the Mermaids Singing

I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987)

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA

Forget all of the "lesbian romance" clips you may see about this -- it's about love, the nature of true art, and one woman's exploration of herself and her world. This film is great for anyone who looks at contemporary art and says "but I don't GET it..." It's PERFECT for those of us who look at contemporary art and say "I don't get it, but I LIKE it." If you've ever flown in your dreams; or daydreamed while working, you'll love this sweet, tender film.

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