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Click here and check out our Erotic Photography Section

Gay Adult DVDs and Erotic Gay Videos - Page 3

We now have access to the largest range of Gay Adult Videos and DVDs online - check out the erotic films below or use one of our search boxes to search for the titles you're looking for! From gay massage videos to erotic gay films and other gay adult titles - we have something to suit every taste!

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Gay Erotica DVD - Erotic Choices 2

Gay Erotica DVD

Instincts - Erotic Choices 2

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DVD / Video - TLA Films USA Region 1 DVD - Amazon USA

A variety of men explore their sexuality in this sensual sequel to Erotic Choices that explicitly depicts various acts of safer gay sex. Leather and hot sex - all the safe way in this stylish soft-core tape.

Gay Erotica Movies - Kalahari

"Hired to guide a rowdy group of young studs down the wild scenery of Africa's Orange River, the rugged guide's dormant sexuality begins to surge. As they raft down the river, passing the stark beauty of the bordering Kalahari Desert, the guide watches these untamed and uncut hunks romp with abandon in the African heat. From the impromptu water polo to the guide's golden dream of submitting to his desires, every scene in this video throbs with the heat and life of the African plains as hot and dangerous as the sting of a scorpion.
This unusual and erotic safari combines the boiling passion of six young men and the tension of one man's growing sexual awareness into a memorable trip down the rapids of erotic man-to-man contact."

Gay Adult Film Review of Laguna Beach Love Affair

Gay Adult Film Review of Laguna Beach Love Affair

Laguna Beach Love Affair

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA

A story of a young man's search for the perfect relationship. 
Jimmy is a self-proclaimed playboy who has decided to end his wild days and settle down with that "special" man. But, Jimmy is about to learn that being "in love" and committing to a relationship isn't as easy as he had thought. 
Shot entirely on location in Laguna Beach, California, this romantic comedy explores the struggles many gay men face as they try to establish relationships, friendships and their own existence in our ever changing "gay" world.

Gay Adult Film Review of Love in Exile

Gay Adult Film Review of Love in Exile

Love in Exile
Starring: Cameron Brooks

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA

Shot on location at the spectacular Inn Exile resort in Palm Springs, Love Inn Exile is a boy-meets-boy story with a twist. A shy young man checks into the clothing optional resort where he encounters a group of hot studs out for a good time. Intimidated and insecure, the young man hides in his room, secretly fantasizing about a dark, handsome member of the group who seems different from the others. In a twist of fate, the next day he saves the man in a pool accident. When he recovers, the man can't stop thinking about his rescuer and he set out to find him. As the resort bristles with sexual activity, they embark on a romantic journey of sensual and erotic discovery. With six beautiful young men shot against the stunning backdrop of the California desert, Love Inn Exile is a passionate love story that shows that real heat is not always skin deep.

Gay Erotica Titles - Mad About the Boy

Features four erotic and emotionally charged tales of love and sex. Stars nine of Europe's most beautiful guys. Highly romantic short tales that manage to amuse and arouse. One of the best erotica offerings we have. Jamie -- is about a college boy, Jamie, who fancies Jason is it fantasy or not? Tim & Phillip -- Best friends, and nothing more until Phillip arrives home early to find Tim in bed with a man. Daniel -- Daniel is a high priced call boy who makes the mistake of falling in love with a client or is it a mistake? Tom -- Tom visits his country home to discover a new very sexy gardener at his folk's house.

  These 8 Gay Erotic Films are available in PAL format and from the UK Only

A look at the sex sessions between the band, record producers, TV presenters, fans and each other - For the gay man - Click here for Purchase Info
Exposed - Boy Band Bares All
Romantic and erotic encounters enhanced by the seasonal settings of Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn - For the gay man - Click here for more info

Gay Heaven
An intimate guide through all areas of gay sex, in an erotic and informative way. Giving you great ideas on how to improve and enrich your sexual experience - Click here for purchase info
Kama Sutra Of Gay Sex
Six boys bring the atmosphere of Roman bath houses and Greek orgies to the screen - For the gay man - click here for purchase info
Kama Sutra 2 - History Of Gay Sex
  Gay Erotica - Click here for purchase info
One More Time
Explicit, erotic sex action - for gay men - click here for purchase info
Pleasure Zone
Matthew's dreams take him to a magical wood and a photo studio while Lucas Ridgeston stars with six other young men - for the gay man - click here for purchase info
Super Boys / Boyz For Men
A compilation of male erotica - click here for purchase info
Gay Erotic Films - Moments with Johan

Moments with Johan - Gay Erotic Film

Moments With Johan

Purchase Links for this Gay Erotica Title
DVD / Video - TLA Films USA All Regions DVD - Amazon USA
Region 2 DVD - Amazon UK

Features Johan Paulik's scenes from Boy, Boy Oh Boy, The Chain Reaction, Boy Wonder, Sunshine After the Rain and Summer, The First Time. There's an exclusive on-camera interview. A wealth of behind-the-scenes footage and previously unseen out-takes of the smooth sexy Johan blowing a scene. For fans of the amazing Johan Paulik this tape is essential.

Gay Erotica Titles - Morning Music

"A unique audio-visual experience. Music video meets the erotic arts in six videos featuring some of the sexiest men today. From the surreal fantasy landscape of a young man awakening to a beautiful centaur, to the intimate bedroom dance of two lovers, this collection stirs the imagination and the libido.
Also included on the DVD is the bonus dance club version of Tangerine Dreaming, filmed on location in Hollywood, featuring a group of buff and cut studs grinding and grooving near L.A. landmarks. From award winning director Stephen Bulfield, this hunk-filled odyssey is perfect for chilling out with friends or sharing with someone special."

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