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Queer Film Titles - Gay and Lesbian Genre

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Our Gay and Lesbian DVD and Video section includes all available GLBT genre films from the USA and the UK. There's a great range of movies from mainstream hits like Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and The Birdcage to moving drama's like Boy's Don't Cry and Philadelphia. Whether it's romance, comedy or drama you're looking for, we have queer films here to suit all tastes.
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We've chosen to only include movies with significant gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender characters or content on RainbowSauce, if you'd like to search for general release videos by genre: click here.

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Queer Movie Review of Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Queer DVD Titles - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and The Angry Inch (2001)
Starring: John Cameron Mitchell, Miriam Shor Director: John Cameron Mitchell

Sometimes grace and hope come in surprising packages. The title character of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a would-be glam-rock star from East Germany, undergoes a botched gender-change operation in order to escape from the Soviet bloc, only to watch the Berlin Wall come down on TV after being abandoned in a trailer park in middle America. Hedwig gets involved with Tommy, an adolescent boy who steals her songs and becomes a stadium-filling musical act. Suffering from a broken heart and a lust for revenge, Hedwig follows Tommy's tour, playing with her band (the Angry Inch) at tacky theme restaurants. Into this simple storyline, writer-director-star John Cameron Mitchell packs an astonishing mix of sadness, yearning, humor, and kick-ass songs with a little Platonic philosophy tucked inside for good measure. A visually dazzling gem of a movie. - Bret Fetzer (Amazon.com)

Queer Movie Review of The Hours and Times

Queer Movie Review of The Hours and Times

The Hours and Times (1992)

Taking the historic, seemingly unimportant fact that Beatles' manager and early guiding force Brian Epstein took John Lennon on a four-day vacation to Barcelona, Spain, just months before the meteoric rise of the Fab Four, director Münch has fashioned a fictional "what-might-have-happened" queer drama.
Epstein -- Jewish, upper-class and gay -- and Lennon -- a Liverpudlian working-class musician with unlimited but raw promise -- seem an unlikely pair although their mentor/student relationship is rather intense. Their vastly different lifestyles attract and distance the two and is especially evident in Epstein's sexual attraction for the appreciative but hopelessly straight Lennon. This sexual tension provides the dramatic centerpiece in this understated and low-budget picture which works both as an engrossing exploration of the shifting nature and intensity of friendship and a touching example of unrequited love. Hart, who portrays Lennon, would play him again in Backbeat.

Queer Film Review of It's In The Water

Queer DVD Titles - It's In The Water

It's In The Water (1998)
Director: Kelli Herd

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It's in the Water is a charming little indie set in the sleepy, conservative Southern town of Azalea Springs. When an AIDS hospice opens up, the local homophobes go up in arms, polarizing the community. The heart of the movie, though, is the story of Alex, our listlessly married heroine who begins to have second thoughts about her orientation. (There is also a very slight "comic" subplot involving a rumor that drinking the local water turns people gay. Ignore it.) While Alex's discovery process is a rather quick one due to the constraints of movie timing, it is well handled, including an affectionate sequence during which Alex watches the entire Lesbian Film Canon. While the straight characters tend to be rather broadly drawn, It's in the Water is a gentle film at heart and well worth an evening. The DVD edition includes commentary by the director and leading actresses that is both funny and interesting--in particular the discussion of what it was like for two straight actresses to play their first gay love scene. - Ali Davis (Amazon.com)

Queer Film Review of Just One Time

Queer DVD Titles - Just One Time

Just One Time (2000)
Director: Lane Janger

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA Region 1 DVD - Amazon USA
DVD / Video - TLA Films USA

This sweet comedy of sexual confusion begins with Anthony (Lane Janger), a New York City fireman who's madly in love with his fiancée Amy (Joelle Carter), but who can't shake his fantasy of seeing Amy being sexually intimate with another woman. With their wedding looming over them, Amy finally agrees to play along--but only if Anthony will do the same for her. Reluctantly, Anthony agrees to go out on a date with their young gay neighbor Victor (Guillermo Diaz). Anthony brings his fellow firemen along for safety, only they end up having more fun than he does.

Queer Movie Review of La Cage Aux Folles

Queer DVD Titles - The Birdcage (Original French Movie)

La Cage Aux Folles (1978)
Starring: Michel Serrault, Ugo Tognazzi, et al. Director: Edouard Molinaro

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA Region 1 DVD - Amazon USA

A likeable 1977 French farce (and the basis for the 1996 American remake, The Birdcage), this popular comedy was one of the most successful international films of all time, and even spawned a Broadway musical and two sequels. It tells the story of a gay couple who--when one man's son from a previous liaison brings home his fiancée--masquerade as husband and wife for their prospective in-laws. The film is saved from becoming an exercise in silliness by the heartfelt characterizations of the gay nightclub owners.

Queer Movie Review of Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness

Queer Movie Review of Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness

Living Proof: HIV and the Pursuit of Happiness (1993)

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA NTSC Video - TLA Films USA

Refusing to pessimistically portray people with AIDS simply as victims of a deadly disease, this documentary focuses on some of the many HIV-positive men, women and children who are living life to the fullest. Buoyantly upbeat, it centers around George DeSipio, who, after being diagnosed with AIDS in 1990, found that there was very little in the way of positive role models for PWAs. He soon teamed with photographer Carolyn Jones to work on a photographic essay that would celebrate these very courageous people. The project eventually included over 40 people from all walks of life, all of whom share a common commitment not to give up, but to fight the disease and lead productive, even joyous lives. The interviewees, ablaze with an almost religious fanaticism, talk about how the knowledge of being HIV-positive is far from being a death sentence. The film follows the photography sessions which eventually opened in a gallery in New York in 1993 and culminated with a book of photographs which was given to President Clinton at the White House in early 1994.

Queer Movie Review of Metrosexuality

Queer Movie Review of Metrosexuality

Metrosexuality (2001)

This new British Channel 4 Production (also the source for Queer as Folk) is a hip, action and music filled vision of a multi-racial and pansexual London with oodles of beautiful guys and gals. Metrosexuality opens with its enthusiastic cast (all clad in their underwear) singing the show’s theme song, It’s All About Love. As the more than two dozen characters play out their lives and loves in this infectious, light-hearted romp through London’s Notting Hill, audiences will quickly get caught up in the action. This amusing, fast-paced series includes all of the staples of a naughty adult soap opera -- cheating lovers, fabulous hair and costumes, copious sex and drugs, even an attempted murder.

Queer Film Review of More Tales of the City

Queer DVD Titles - More Tales of the City

More Tales of the City (1998) - Video Includes Further Tales of the City
Rated: NR Starring: Olympia Dukakis, Laura Linney, et al. Director: Pierre Gang

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA All Region DVD - Amazon USA
PAL Video - Amazon UK Region 1 DVD - TLA Films USA

Edition Details: • All Regions • Colour • Commentary by Olympia Dukakis, Laura Linney, Barbara Garrick & Armistead Maupin • Candid Tales of History
• Production Anecdotes • PBS Controversy • Deleted Scenes featuring "The Landlord Speaks" commentary by Armistead Maupin.• Exclusive behind-the-scenes rehearsal and filming footage • Production photo and props gallery • "From the Page" including handwritten script pages and correspondence from Armistead Maupin and Nicholas Wright. • The "28 Barbary Lane" set including architectural blueprints and a video tour.
• Interactive video Q&A with Colin Ferguson, Thomas Gibson, Nina Siemaszko, Whip Hubley, and Paul Hopkins• Number of discs: 2

Queer Movie Review of Never Met Picasso

Queer Movie Review of Never Met Picasso

Never Met Picasso (1997)
Director: Stephen Kijak

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA DVD / Video - TLA Films USA

Somewhat hilariously amusing gay-comedy of dysfunctional families and friend's, loose moral's and plenty of partner-swapping bed-hopping hi-jinx set amongst Boston's Art community of gallery opening's, hammy-theater performing numerous drug & drink cocktail-party's and you've got a movie called NEVER MET PICASSO. Plot is thin and shallow and never really goes anywhere as character's drop in and out of scenes from nowhere and do nothing. However Andy (Alexis Arquette) is a frustrated (in more way's than one)30 yr-old gay painter whom enters a contest to win a trip to Africa for much needed inspiration. His self-centered mother actress Genna Magnus (Margot Kidder) is vexed by her directionless son and is preoccupied with the world's worst play Naked Tenor (so awful it's funny). Andy's Uncle (Alvin Epstein) is also gay and keeper of a family-secret. Other numerous notable friend's are Lesbian childhood-pal Lucy (Georgia Ragsdale) whom shine's the brightest. All in all fine performances by all cast in a much needed tighter written script by 1st timer director Stephen Kijak, but passable. Pace drag's along slowly and could've benefited with some forward-momentum. Amusing.

Queer Movie Review of Next Year in Jerusalem

Queer Movie Review of Next Year in Jerusalem

Next Year in Jerusalem (1997)
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, David Nahmod

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NTSC Video - Amazon USA NTSC Video - TLA Films USA

If you are Jewish and revel in Jewish-themed films or if you are gay and want to see everything on the subject on coming out, then this shot-on-video independent production might be for you. If you are Jewish, gay or Christian or straight and you have a bit higher standards for the films you choose to rent/buy, then be a bit wary. Serious to a fault, this story follows two non-blood cousins: Shai, a 20-something Jewish boy who leaves his strict upbringing to move to Greenwich Village where he changes his name to Charlie and lives the life of a typical gay boy (goatee, slutty one-night stands, piercings for days, queeny friends); and Emmanuel, who lives at home, continues to be religious and be "good." But when Emmanuel's parents arrange a marriage for him, he must face the fact that he is gay. The two young men are naturally drawn to each other and find comfort in each other's arms. While this script reads like it might work, the lighting (harsh), the acting (terrible) and the characters (the parents all seem like they fell off a touring bus for "Fiddler on the Roof" -- Oy, vey!) all contribute to destroy any pretense of serious drama while making many scenes inadvertently funny. Yet with all of my kvetching, I have to admit the film is a guilty pleasure. I overcame all of its faults and enjoyed the melodrama. My only problem is the title -- with a plot strikingly similar to Kiss Me Guido, should it have been called, Kiss Me Yeshiva Boy!? And if you've ever wondered whether you keep your Yarmulke on your head while having gay sex, the answer is yes!

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